Retirement Solutions

If you are about to retire you will receive information from your pension provider, informing you of the amount of income you will receive should you buy an annuity with them.

Most of the time, the letter will encourage you to contact and Independent Financial Adviser, like myself, or my colleagues at Financial Solutions Wales Ltd.

You are strongly advised you to shop around and I can find the most suitable annuity provider giving your circumstances. Our online systems can quickly quote you what is available.

Also, nowadays if you have a medical condition you may receive a higher income as a result of you having a potentially shorter life expectancy.

Pensions Planning

Most people leave their pension planning until they are in their forties, unless they are fortunate enough to be in a scheme provided by their employer.  Nowadays a larger number of over 65s are still working – perhaps by choice, but some, because they have to to make ends meet.  Most people feel it can be an uphill struggle if they want to retire on time.  If you want to avoid this situation, then I am able to design a plan around your retirement needs.

I am able to also review your existing pensions.  Many people start pensions and then stop them when they join a new employer.  Many others have a ‘frozen’ pension, and do not know what to do with them. (a frozen pension could be defined as one which may have been left behind in an old pension scheme, but usually wrongly defined as frozen, as it may be inflation-proofed).

This is a very common situation, and one which could be addressed through a pension review.  Without knowing what your pension could provide at your retirement you will constantly be anxious about what you might have to live on when you retire.


Speaking to the right Independent Financial Advisor when considering your retirement options is essential. Making the wrong or uninformed decisions can severely affect the levels of income you receive during your retirement. I can discuss all your retirement needs and assess the level of income required to maintain your current lifestyle.

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