Chartered Financial Planner

The Chartered titles, awarded under the Chartered Insurance Institute’s (CII) Royal Charter from the Privy Council, are steeped in history and they are just as relevant in today’s market.

A uniquely British institution, the Royal Charter is a stamp of quality that has stood the test of time and remained the gold standard for professional services in the UK and abroad.  Its reputation has held fast whilst governments have fallen and whole systems of economic theory have crashed to the ground.  The Chartered title remains a symbol of an unparalleled mark of quality – merit, competence and commitment to the highest standard of professionalism.

They remain the ‘gold standard’ of excellence and integrity.  My Chartered status provides you with comfort and security, serving as a benchmark for quality and ethical practice.

Consumer research by the CII has shown that ‘Chartered’ resonates best with the public in terms of recognition, trust and confidence – both in the insurance and financial planning sectors, and in the broader world of professional services.

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