When considering any type of saving or investment it is an absolute must that you get specialist investment advice.  You may have requirements for investments which have capital protection, or you may be willing to invest directly into stocks and shares.  As well as longer term investments, we can also provide guidance on your savings accounts.

How we may be able to help:

The financial planning process

The process begins by talking about your goals in life and the concerns you have about reaching them. I will gather information about your financial situation and then define and prioritise your goals, whilst making realistic assessments about the future.  Once I have obtained a detailed understanding of your financial circumstances, including your long-term cash flow situation, we can begin the portfolio planning process.

The portfolio management process.

Investors must have clearly defined needs and goals prior to investing.  Therefore the portfolio management process must be preceded by the financial planning process. The portfolio planning process will identify an asset allocation which suits your individual needs. I believe that the allocation and diversification of an investor’s assets is an important determining factor in long term portfolio performance.  As we are Independent Financial Advisers, we are able to access many different companies, so your money is often diversified between many companies or funds.

Portfolio reviews, reporting and rebalancing

Depending on the level of service that we agree, your portfolio may be reviewed periodically.  With some investments, they may also be rebalanced as necessary, according to market and economic conditions and other influential factors.  This ensures that your goals and possible changing views on investments are looked at within future portfolio reviews.

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