Qualifications / Statement of Professional Standing

I am very pleased to advise that I have successfully passed the Advanced Diploma ‘Financial Planning Process’ examination set by the Chartered Insurance Institute.

As a result of passing this exam, I am now an Associate of the Personal Finance Society (APFS) and as such, I have applied for the Chartered Financial Planner title.

Finally, more good news!  I am one of the first Independent Financial Advisers to have received my Statement of Professional Standing (SPS) from the Chartered Insurance Institute.  The SPS confirms that I:

  • have adhered to a code of ethical standards.
  • hold the required qualifications for the activities I undertake; and
  • have completed appropriate CPD and complied with APER (Statements of Principle and Code of Practice for Approved Persons).

Please click here to receive more details on my Statement of Professional Standing.

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