Welcome to my new website!

Following Apple’s decision not to commit to continue with MobileMe and iWeb, I’ve had to turn to different online WYSIWYG websites.  If your not familiar with the acronym WYSIWYG, neither was I until a few weeks ago – it stands for ‘What you see is what you get!’.

Basically, for a novice on the internet, like me, iWeb was fine – I didn’t need any coding knowledge,  It allowed me to design a basic webpage for my Independent Financial Advice business, and publish it online – no problem.  Then Apple (I am an Apple ‘fanboy’ – I’m not having a go here) decided not to commit to iWeb – therefore, I need a new website creation tool.

I’ve found wordpress to be excellent – it’s easy to use and has everything I need – it is actually better than iWeb. No kidding!  I just need to link it to my domain – http://www.jeremyphelps.co.uk – so if anyone has any help with that, get in touch!

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